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Metin Gezer,
Cappadocia Photographer

I am a photographer living in Nevşehir. My photography journey, which started as a hobby in university, continued throughout my education. When I finished university, my only expectation was for my career to be colorful. Due to living in the Cappadocia region, I decided to become a wedding photographer.

Having started taking photos amidst the Fairy Chimneys, I have captured almost every corner of Cappadocia in my photographs. Therefore, I offer a wide range of locations to couples who want their wedding photos taken somewhere other than the classic spots. As for my style, I mostly use natural light for photography and only resort to flash or other light sources when necessary.

If you want information about wedding photography, to schedule a meeting, or for any other inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

A world without photography is meaningless for us if there is no light and color that opens our minds and expresses passion.

My style combines wedding photography and fine art photography with a fashion and creative light touch. My photos draw inspiration from light, color, black and white processing techniques, old photographs, creative perspectives, and most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph!

Cappadocia Photographer




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